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CB Women: Terri King

Terri King, the president and owner of Coldwell Banker King, is renowned for her energy, tenacity and commitment to success. And that comes through loud and clear in her recent appearance on the “The CBWomen” series featured on the “Leave Your Mark” podcast by Coldwell Banker that features women who are leading in their company, their business and their community.

In her interview with Carla Hayes, Terri focuses on the growth of her firm since its founding in 2011, particularly through a series of merger and acquisitions. As she notes, her effort began in the midst of the economic downturn, but that proved to be exactly the right time to take advantage of opportunities. “Growing is not something you can put off, especially when you’re a new company,” Terri says. “Our goals for growth began immediately, and mergers and acquisitions were the key. That’s how we really made the quantum leap early on.”

A long-time student of the science of personal achievement, Terri also elaborates on the development of leadership and her own path to create a personal leadership style and goals. Part of that effort she contends is putting your own ego aside and helping others grow and succeed. She believes everyone has the ability to lead within various aspects of their own lives, and she actively encourages and supports growth among her team at CBK.

Terri takes particular pride in having grown her company into the largest woman-owned and operated real estate firm in her regional market. “I’m super proud of that,” she says. “And it’s something that differentiates us from the completion, which is always

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