Michael Monteagudo


Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, I found my heart’s true home in Haywood County back in 2004. Nestled in the charming town of Canton, I’ve embraced the beauty of the mountains and the warmth of the community. With a diverse background in manufacturing and customer service, I’ve honed my skills in understanding clients’ needs and providing exceptional service.

Beyond my professional journey, my love for the outdoors has flourished in this breathtaking region. Having explored various outdoor activities and hidden gems, I’m well-versed in the local terrain and recreational spots. Whether it’s hiking through serene trails, fishing in pristine waters, or simply enjoying the fresh mountain air, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for the natural wonders that Haywood County has to offer.

My unique blend of experience, combined with an intimate knowledge of the area, allows me to assist you in finding the perfect property that suits both your lifestyle and preferences. Let’s work together to make your real estate dreams a reality!