Alicia Hurst


I’m a proud mother to three amazing kids, a dedicated wife, and a graduate of North Carolina State University.  I earned my degree in communications in 2010, and have since been a resident of Western NC. In my free time I enjoy exploring what these amazing mountains have to offer, but I also love planning my fair share of trips, primarily summer trips to the beach. I believe there’s something magical about the sun, sand, and sea that rejuvenates and brings joy to our lives.

After earning my degree from NC State, I briefly spent time selling insurance and quickly discovered that is not where my passion is.  There was something missing.  I then dove into the dynamic world of real estate, where I’ve honed my skills and expertise over the past 12 years and counting.  In those years, what I’ve discovered and continue to learn is that it’s not just about selling houses; it’s about building relationships and understanding people’s needs, no matter how big or small.  I thrive in the people business, I have professionally found what I was missing – offering personalized solutions to ensure my clients find more than just a house, instead, they find a home.

My belief in the importance of relationships drives my work ethos. I value trust, integrity, and empathy, while striving to make the home-buying and selling experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible for every client. Through growing and continuing my work in real estate, I’m devoted to providing exceptional service, while continually learning.  I feel this allows me to better assist my clients in navigating the ever changing market and find their perfect house, which then can become their perfect home.

Whether it’s assisting a family in finding their ideal home, or creating precious and endless memories with my own, I derive immense satisfaction in both aspects of my life both personally and professionally.  I’m passionate and eager about making a difference in people’s lives while cherishing the moments with my loved ones.  I’m also secretly planning our next family beach getaway!


Buncombe, Haywood